McAdams Farm History

McAdams Farm was established in 1885 when the first McAdams moved to this land from northern Alamance county. The farm began raising tobacco for cash money and crops and vegetables to feed the livestock and the family. Corn, wheat, cows, hogs, and a vegetable garden were all grown for use on the farm. The family made their living by hard work and depending on relatives and neighbors.
Growing and Changing

Over the years, the farm's main products became beef cattle and tobacco. In the year 2000, due to changes in the economic climate of farming, the tobacco was replaced with strawberries, produce, and cut flowers. This transition was not an easy one. It required a leap of faith to venture into a new and very different way of farming. Three new ponds have been dug on the property to provide water for irrigation, a greenhouse was installed to grow vegetable seedlings, and new equipment has been purchased to facilitate planting and harvesting of the various crops.
Who We Are Now

With a rich tradition of farming, the fourth and fifth generations to work the land are still going strong in Efland, North Carolina. Howard Jr. occupies his time with the strawberries and fresh vegetables, preparing the land and tending to these crops. His wife Karen is a retired agricultural extension agent for Orange County. She now helps on the farm with the beef cattle and vegetables. Daughters Callie and Elizabeth both help out on the farm when they are home, carrying on the legacy of farming that is over 130 years strong. The farm also relies on a terrific team of year round and seasonal employees who help plant, care for, harvest, and sell the crops we grow.

We raise a wide range of spring, summer, and fall vegetable and fruit crops that are sold at the farm stand and at the Carrboro Farmers' Market. We also raise Angus cattle and Katahdin sheep. Check out the pictures of what we grow to see more on this!

One constant is that we like to try new varieties to find the most flavorful vegetables and fruits, and longest lasting cut flowers. The taste and reliability of our wide selection of vegetables and fruits, and the color and beauty of our flowers are important to us. We make our farming decisions based on an intention to continue farming for many years to come.
SPOTLIGHT - In Memory of Howard McAdams Sr.
September 19th, 1923 - October 1, 2010

Howard McAdams Sr, or as he was more frequently called, Pa, lived and worked on McAdams Farm from the time he was born here on September 19th, 1923. He saw all kinds of changes in the way our farming operation works, but he maintained his resilience and dedication to the farm throughout that time. He returned to the farm after serving in the Navy SeaBees and worked here all of his adult life. He raised a family of five children along with his wife, Dot and was a lifelong member of Efland Presbyterian Church.

Over the years, the focus of the farm's production eventually shifted towards tobacco and beef cattle. Howard McAdams Jr. returned to the farm in the early 1980's and worked together with his father on the farm. In 1987, over 40 acres of tobacco were produced. However, the farm eventually made a switch to vegetables, cut flowers, and pick-your-own strawberries. There was plenty to learn, but it was a challenge the family and Pa met with their typical resilience and determination.

Pa worked hard on the farm well into his 80's. He is greatly missed.
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What We Grow
- Strawberries
- Vegetables
- Flowers
- Beef
- Lamb

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